People Mr P has performed with!

I’ve performed with a lot of famous people so I’ll share some photo and any interesting stories about my encounters. I’ll add new ones every day so keep watching.
I played with Keith Emerson who was considered the greatest prog-rock keyboard player ever. Prog-rock is a combination of progressive or jazz music and rock and roll. We performed “Fanfare for the common man” and “the Munsters Theme song”! Because it was Halloween which is why I’m wearing a rubber Elvis wig.
Here’s one more for today. Maybe you parents or grand parents remember “The Magic Garden” with Carole and Paula. It was a show on in the 70’s to around 1980 on channel 11. I helped them out at a show so as a “thank you” , they did this for me unexpectedly. Please click the link below to see Maija and I with the Magic Garden girls.
Here’s a picture of Miss Maija and I with Carole and Paula from the “Magic Garden”
In 2003 I got to perform 5 songs with Mick Taylor who was the lead guitarist for The Rolling Stones. He played with them from 1969-1974. I spent a weekend hanging out with him and got to ask him a ton of questions about his rock star life. Here’s a picture of Mick Taylor and I playing The Rolling Stones song,
“Can’t you hear me knocking”. He’s ranked number 37 on the Rolling Stone magazines 100 greatest rock guitarists.
Today, March 19 would have been my brothers 67th birthday. Heres a few pictures of my brother performing. He played with Tiny Tim who was a weird sort of 60’s icon. Famous for playing the ukulele and his song “Tip Toe Through The Tulips”. My brother is on the piano. And another picture of my brother with JT Taylor who was the lead singer in his band who later went on to become the lead singer of Kool and the Gang who’s biggest hit was “Celebration”! They used to rehearse in my bedroom when I was a teenager!
March 20
I played with one of the Beatles! Well..technically. I played with Pete Best, the Beatles original drummer. Pete was their drummer from 1960-1962. His mother Mona, was their first manager. It’s was when he was with them that they came up with the name “The Beatles”. He was fired because they didn’t think he was good enough and really didn’t fit in with the “gang”. He did record with them and his recordings can be heard on “The Beatles Anthology vol. 1” which, by the way, made him suddenly very rich. I’ve hung out with him and had dinner with him a few times. Very nice guy with some great stories. Here’s a few pictures of me performing with him.
March 24
Here’s 2 famous people I performed with. The first is Bobby “Boris” Pickett who wrote and recorded “The Monster Mash”. My band were the last he ever performed the song with as he passed away later that year. In the picture I’m on the left (in my rubber Elvis wig), 60’s TV horror host “Zacherley” is in the middle and Bobby “Boris” Pickett is on the right. 

The next picture is me performing with Ron Dante who sang “Sugar Sugar” the biggest hit of 1969. Released as “The Archies” ! 
March 25
One of my favorite 1960’s bands wasn’t really a band, at least at first. They were a tv show called the Monkees. Eventually they became a real band. I had the pleasure of playing with 3 of the Monkees. Mickey, Davy, and Peter together and separate at different times.