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Before School and After School Care



Before Care and After Care

2021 - 2022


There are limited spaces available.  There will be a registration survey in which you sign up for specific days and times. You are charged via FACTS for the days you commit to.   The "first come - first served" registration survey will be sent out at 9 am on Friday, August 20th. 


  • Please have children bring their own snack/drink for aftercare. No peanut products for any children.
  • Homework will be done in aftercare.
  • The children may bring in their own electronic devices, such as game boy or ipads, headphones. HOWEVER, the same rules apply in Before Care and After Care regarding acceptable websites and online games. These items MAY NOT be brought out during school hours and will be taken away should that happen. Academy of Our Lady is not responsible for any broken electronics-please make sure your child is responsible and/or equipment is protected with cases or covers.
  • Movies will be played after homework is done.
  • There will be some outdoor time.
Before Care Fees
Begins at 7:00 AM $5.00
After Care Fees
Fees for Regular Dismissal Days
Pickup between 2:50-4:00 PM $8.00
Pickup between 4:00-6:00 $18.00
Fees for Early Dismissal Days
Pickup between 12:15-3:00  $15.00
Pickup between 3:00-4:00    $23.00
Pickup between 4:00-6:00    $33.00
Fees for Lateness
After Care ends promptly at 6:00 PM. Parents picking up after closing time will be charged a $5.00 lateness fee per child for every 15 minutes you are late.  Please be courteous and inform the teachers if you are running late.  Families with consistent lateness will be asked to leave the aftercare program
Please email Mrs. Kiess at with any questions.
Mrs. Kiess Cell Phone # 201-921-5084


Before Care 7-8 am: Mrs. A.  Kiess
After Care 
M-F = Mrs. A.  Kiess (3-6 pm)
M = Mrs. L. Roy (3-6 pm) and Mrs. A. Leonard (3-4 pm)
T = Mrs. L. Lorenzo (3-6 pm) and Mrs. R. Pollard (3-4 pm)
W = Mrs. L. Lorenzo (3-6 pm) and Mrs. R. Pollard (3-4 pm)
Th = Mrs. R.  Pollard (3-6 pm) and Ms. J. Buckman (3-4 pm)
F = Mrs. L. Conyngham (3-6 pm) and Ms. D. Dooner (3-4 pm) 
Substitute = Mrs. R. Maguire