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At Academy of Our Lady, we are constantly striving to increase communication between home and school in order to increase student achievement.  The Parent Portal for PowerSchool will be available to all parents of students in grades 1-8.  

The Parent Portal is PowerSchool’s external interface that provides secure, real-time access to your student’s grades, attendance, assignments and teacher comments.  You can view this information from any computer with internet access.  It has been our experience that PowerSchool works most efficiently using the Firefox or Safari web browsers.

The PowerSchool web address is: 


Parents will have access to their own login screen and will be given separate, confidential user names and passwords for each child they have in the school.  You will receive this login information from your child’s teacher at your Parent-Teacher Conference.   Please keep your passwords confidential so only you and your student can access the information.   If you are unable to attend this conference, you will need to come to the school office in order to personally secure this information. This ensures the security and privacy of your child’s information.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact    the school phones at 201-445-0622.