Philosophy of Academy Of Our Lady
The mission of Academy of Our Lady is to provide the students with the experience of true Christian values in their daily lives. Our Catholic Elementary School is committed to the pursuit of academic excellence in a Christian Catholic environment. We believe that a Catholic education develops the total person: His/her relationship to God, him/herself, neighbor and community. Academy of Our Lady is committed to providing a caring and learning environment. Through the curriculum, we endeavor to equip our students with spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional and social skills. These skills will be developed to their fullest human potential according to each one's needs, abilities and interests. At Academy of Our Lady, we believe that education is a continuous process which encourages students to open themselves to the vision of the future and prepare themselves to meet the challenges of the changing world. We recognize that by nurturing the concept of a healthy mind, body and spirit, our students will develop the personal qualities and skills necessary in a contemporary society in which they must live.
The school day is 8 am - 2:55 pm.  
Pastor of OLMC -  Rev. Msgr. Ronald Rozniak, V.G.  
Pastor of St. Catharine Church - Rev. Dominic Lenoci
Principal - Ms. Katharine Clemente
Principal Emeritus - Mrs. Carol La Salle
Administrative Assistant - Mrs. Irene Saviano 
Diocesan Schools Business Manager - Mrs. Maria Archetti
Registrar and Administrative Assistant - Mrs. Katie Branagh
Tuition Manager - Mrs. Linda Rief
Nurse - Mrs. Elizabeth Lee