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Our School History


Our history can be traced back many years. In 1923,  Our Lady of Mount Carmel School opened in Ridgewood with thirty-five students under the leadership of the principal, Sister Fidelis Angela.  Thirty years later, St. Catharine School opened in Glen Rock with five hundred children in grades 1-5  under the leadership of the principal, Sister Edmund Marie.

Those humble beginnings provided the foundation for our school today along with an endearing tradition that is still in place. In June 1954, our first Kindergarten graduation took place and each graduate was presented with a huge, colorful lollipop as both recognition of their accomplishments and a symbol of their “big” dreams for the future.

We thought big then and we continue to do so.   Within ten years of our inception, we added Junior High grade and in two decades we were the fourth largest elementary school in the Archdiocese. We eventually lengthened Kindergarten to full day and offered before and after school programs.  Through the years, a new Science lab, a bigger library, and a new technology lab were added.

In 1990, Our Lady of Mount Carmel School and St. Catharine School joined forces and became St. Catharine Interparochial School and subsequently received Middle States accreditation.  In 1999, we changed the name to Academy of Our Lady inspired by our devotion to the Blessed Mother.  We continue to strive for the highest academic standards and in 2013, we were recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence.

Presently, we enjoy the quality leadership of Principal Ms. Katharine Clemente with the knowledge and experience of Principal Emeritus, Mrs. Carol LaSalle and we are confident of our continued success. Like all God’s creations, we are proud to be a work in progress with Gospel values at our core.