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Calendar Raffle 2023

For list of winners follow this link:
Need a wonderful Christmas gift?  Check back in December, 2023 to purchase calendar raffle tickets for the June, 2024 calendar raffle.  It will be a gift that keep giving!
Raffle Fundraiser Slide
The Calendar Raffle is one of the HSA’s biggest fundraisers. As in previous years, the proceeds from  the raffle will directly benefit the students at Academy of Our Lady in such areas as purchasing online learning tools and STEM programs for all grades.
Similar to last year, this year’s raffle will offer 92 chances to win with
(78) $50 prizes,
(10) $100  prizes,
(3) $300 prizes, and
(1) $4000 prize!
One $20 ticket buys you 92 chances to win daily prizes  from March 10th through June 9th.  
Cash or checks payable to “Academy of Our Lady" will be accepted.
To purchase tickets, please email [email protected] or contact Suzanne Nathanson (551) 208-4967
Or complete the below form to request tickets and bring to school office