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School Advisory Board

The School Advisory Board provides guidance and advice to the school administration and parish pastors on the operations and needs of Academy of Our Lady.  We focus our attention on making AoOL an even better school for our children by introducing technology enhancements, physical plant improvements and new marketing initiatives.  We are also responsible for the solid financial operations of the school.  Parents who serve on the board bring their individual talents and skills to bear as representatives of our parent community. Recommendations for nominations are accepted at any time.

The role and functioning of the SAB is important for each Academy family to understand. We encourage all families to read the "Lighting the Way" plan under which our school & SAB operate. Click here for more information on Lighting the Way.

Distinctive from an executive board or lobbying organization, the SAB provides consultation to the school principal on the noncurricular operations and needs of Academy of Our Lady.  In that capacity, we are committed to a prayerful discernment of the will of God for our school.  Focused on making Academy an even better school for our children, we support the administration as they strive to enhance and sustain enrollment and ensure continued academic excellence.  The SAB functions in 4 main areas:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Facilities
  • Finance
  • Marketing & Development
It is our hope to be able to provide newsletter updates to the entire school community several times a year to give insight into the work of the SAB, so as to increase communication.  We have provided the listing of current SAB members (with their designated sub committee role) in the list below.  Though each is assigned a particular committee, all work in a spirit of collaboration and support and you can reach out to any member with questions you may have about our school.

Finally, there is always need for additional expertise to support the work of SAB and our wonderful faculty and staff. Perhaps you have a gift in one of the areas listed above?  If you do and could offer help we would love to hear from you. Some tasks need only a few hours total, others perhaps an hour per week.  Email us at and share with us what your expertise is and a member of the board will be it touch!

2017-2018 School Advisory Board Members

Email us:


Our Lady of Mount Carmel - Msgr. Ron Rozniak, Pastor 

St. Catharine -  Rev. Tom Wisniewski, Pastor

Principal - Mr. James Newman

SAB Co-President  - Brian Moore

SAB Co-President  - Tara Harris 

SAB Secretary - Neil O'Halloran

H.S.A. President  - Laura Kramer

Fathers Guild President - Duane Wunsch 

OLMC Representative - Patrick Springer

St. Catharine Church Representative - Dan McInerney

Alumni Parent Representative - Linda Miller

Board Members:

Robert Budelman

Tara Hart 

Len Monesteri 

Faculty & Staff Representatives  

Judy Dickson 

Anne Marie Leonard