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About 2K

2nd Gr superstars
Second grade is a pivotal year full of new milestones. Although we work very hard in the classroom, we have fun and silly times while always supporting and helping each other. I believe that students learn not only from their families and teachers, but from each other. Also, we as their teachers (yes, you are their teacher ~ their first teacher) learn just as much from them.
We continue our spiritual journey by learning more about the Bible and Jesus, the Church and how we worship. Most importantly we help each other become better Christians by following in Jesus’ footsteps and trying to live and love as He does.
Children in second grade are becoming fluent readers in chapter books. They improve their reading and comprehension skills and learn to retell what happened in a story including main ideas, details about characters, setting and events. We work on being able to self-select just-right reading materials and reading silently, as well as making connections to our own background knowledge.
You’ll be amazed at how your second grader is writing in sentences with capital letters and proper punctuation. We begin to write stories with a beginning, middle and end, as well as understanding and using first-person and third-person point of view. We work on basic research from non-fiction resources and refine our editing skills for spelling and punctuation.
Math in second grade builds on the previous year’s lessons and increases in difficulty. Some of the areas we work on are writing numbers in word form, odd and even numbers, various aspects of graphing, geometry, algebra, time and measurement. We learn to subtract two and three digit numbers as well as add two and three digit numbers and of course solving word problems.
In Social Studies second graders continue to explore about communities, our nation and our civic responsibilities. We go on to explore geography and climate, as well as maps and various cultural and environmental characteristics.
Second graders in Science continue to explore and identify problems and solutions, as well as different scientists. We look at the characteristics of life, plant and animal, and the interrelationships between science and technology. As the year progresses in second grade we explore the physical sciences of chemistry and physics as well as earth science, astronomy and environmental studies.
Our days are action packed with the search for knowledge and refining our talents and skills.