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Summer 2017 IXL Math Assignments

Summer IXL Skills for All Grades

Below are the summer IXL skills that you are to complete. They are listed by the grade level a student will be for the 2017-18 school year.

  • They are all skills that were taught at the student's grade level during the 2016-2017 school year.
  • You only need to complete to 80% on each of these skills.
  • The opening date of your report is Thursday, June 22nd .
  • The closing date of your report will be the date on which you finish your skills.
  • The latest closing date possible is September 5th. All skills must be done by then.
  • Your report is the proof of your completion of the skills.
  • Doing the skills is not enough. Proving you did the skills is your assignment.
  • It must be in paper form so it can be graded and given back to you to bring home.
  • The paper copy of the report is due on the first day of school, September 6th.
  • Failure to produce the report will result in a deduction of 10 points for each day that it is late.
  • Your IXL skills will count as your first test grade in Math.
  • Please do not wait until the last day before school starts to print your report. You will not be able to print your report in school. Give yourself enough time to print the report in case you run into any difficulties.

Please note: The Numbers of the skills may change over the summer as IXL adds skills during those months. Please go by the name of the skill not the number in case they do not match. Go to


How to Print Your IXL Report

Be sure you complete all your skills before you pull your report and that you have achieved a score of 80% on each skill.

  • Once you sign on, click on the Analytics tab.
  • Click on the Progress tab.
  • Click on the subject tab and click on Math.
  • Click on the Skill Grades tab, click on K for both choices, and then click on Done.
  • Click on Date Range and choose Custom. Enter the day you began your skills and the day you finished your skills.
  • Click on the printer icon and print the report on your screen.